River Teeth accepts creative nonfiction submissions to the journal September 1 through December 1 and January 1 through May 1. 

Submissions to the Beautiful Things column are considered year-round. (Although we may close from time to time when we fall behind on our reading.)

The Book Prize deadline is October 31; submissions are generally accepted for six months prior to the deadline.

River Teeth does not have a page length or word count limit. Please wait to submit another essay for consideration until a decision has been made on your first submission. Editors try to respond within six months but the review process sometimes takes longer. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Glimpses, glimmers, meditations, moments, reflections, refractions, interrupted shadows, river shimmers, darkened mirrors, keyholes, kaleidoscopes, earring hoops, slabs of cracked granite, cracks where the light gets in. Beautiful things.

Flash nonfiction submissions to the River Teeth weekly series, Beautiful Things, should be 250 words or less. Please submit one beautiful thing at a time. 

River Teeth's editors and editorial board conduct a yearly national contest to identify the best book-length manuscript of literary nonfiction. This year's final judge will be Phillip Lopate. The winner will be announced in early spring following the deadline. The winner will receive $1,000 and publication by the University of New Mexico Press.

All U.S. entrants will receive a one-year subscription to River Teeth with their submission fee (provided they supply a mailing address).

Online submissions are charged $27 rather than $25 to cover credit card fees. Please consider this a convenience fee - no postage to pay, no pages to print, no boxes to pack (no phone, no lights, no motor cars...). We hope these two bucks will be worth the time you save on packaging and avoiding papercuts.

The 2018 Contest Deadline is October 31, 2018. Mailed entries must be postmarked by this date. Electronic submissions will close at midnight (EST).

Manuscripts must be double-spaced.

Self-published books with a limited distribution (friends and family, print run less than 100) are eligible for this contest, but please do not send hard copies of the book. The book should be in manuscript format. The contest is open to writers outside of the U.S., but due to mailing costs we can no longer include a free year's subscription with non-U.S. entries. (Sorry!)

A cover letter with basic contact information and a brief bio is appreciated. It is unnecessary to include a summary of your manuscript.

Thank you for submitting to River Teeth!

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